Life Coaching that empowers

Life Coaching that empowers

Life Coaching that empowersLife Coaching that empowersLife Coaching that empowers

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How We Help

Can you relate?

I am having the worse day at work! I really hate this job and I just think of all the others jobs that I would enjoy doing instead of this one. I can’t leave this job though because at least I feel secure. Then I have to go home to a person that makes me feel terrible about myself. I wish I could just end the relationship. I don’t think I’m strong enough though, plus we been together for so long. I really hope they start treating me better because I really don’t know what else to do. My life isn’t going in the direction that I want at all. I know I need to make some changes but every time I think about it I become overwhelmed. I’ll just worry about it later..............unfortunately later usually never comes and the story goes on and on.

 Everyone has a story, it’s just comprised of different events. The difficulties however are all the same.

Life Transitions

Change can be one of the hardest challenges to deal with. Change can also lead us to the life we actually want. Autonomy Life Coaching is devoted to helping people follow through on difficult changes that get in the way of them living their life fully.


Since change can be difficult we start by identifying obstacles that are in your way that you may be unaware of. We gain a clear picture of what you truly want and start designing strategies that will enable you to make it a reality.